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Kamil Dostalik posted a status
Oct 11
Hello. I just became an owner of a mariner 36. My name is Kamil Dostalik and the # on the transom reads MYN3603IM80A.. I keep my boat in Racine, WI, and hauled it this Saturday. Unstepping the mast I see that the aluminium mast step is pretty worn and the attachmenr for the rod going to the deck has rotted away. I thought attaching a thin stainless plate on the bottom of the mast step, through bolt it to it and to the remnant of the step forward wall and attach the rod to it?? Does anyone have a different idea or where to get a new mast step? Thank you for any suggestions.

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  • If you decide to go shopping for quotes to make a new step, a welder should be able to make one for around $750.  a cnc shop maybe $1250-$1500.  unfortunately we are forced to pay whatever they want to charge the prices above would be fair pricing though just for reference.

  • congratulations on your new boat.  amazing boats. superbly made.

  • I tried to get someone to weld a new mast step for me but couldn't find anyone local interested.  the only person i got a quote back from wanted $2000.  i even tried Rig-Rite on the web. they are supposed to be the pro's for this sort of thing but had a pretty bad experience. long story short, unprofessional outfit.  Luckily i have a small CNC machine at work.  out of desperation I made a CAD drawing of the old one, bought a piece of 6061 aluminum from McMaster Carr and started machining it yesterday.  Im going to machine a 2" thick piece G-10 and attach it to the location where the mast comes down once i pull it and get the inside profile of the mast. Your options are to find a reputable local welder or CNC shop.  It may take some effort but either could do it.  I have a CAD drawing available if you want it.  It does not include the area under/inside of the mast though that the mast comes to rest over (if there even is one). be careful with the stainless plate idea.  stainless on aluminum will cause corrosion problems.  i dont think the panting rods were isolated when installed and probably corroded away that attachment point. that and 40 years of salt water intrusion.  my mast step is badly corroded and my panting rod broke away as well.

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