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1980 M-36 sailboat for sale. $45,000.  USCG documented. Many upgrades including a Yanmar 3JH5E with <98 hours. New Awlgrip in 2009. Winter cover. Autohelm, etc. Located in S NJ on the Del Bay.   Many pictures available.  Please contact me at…
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Mainsheet traveler car

I had to remove the traveler car because the bolt holding one of the ball bearing blocks loosen and started to jam on the track.  Now I have a lot of ball bearings and wheel rings but I don't know how to put it back together.  The ball bearings just fell out when I got the car off the track.  Is there a car I can purchase with the wheeled ball bearing assembly already mounted in the car.  You can call my cell at 510 812-2761 if you have any advice. Thanks George 

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Sheet car rails

Need to rebed sheet car rails on M36. Is there a way to get at the bolts below the rails withut pulling the joinery in the salon?My only thought is to drill access holes from inside through the joinery in order to put a socket on the nuts from below.The cabinet/ storage joinery on this boat is one piece from the head bulkhead to the companian way bulk head. I don't want to remove it because it more or less means pulling the port side interior out, not fun. Any suggestions would be…

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4 Replies · Reply by Norman Art May 16

Rudder packing gland for 36

Hi, although it's not leaking, the rudder packing material has not been changed on my boat for at least 12 years.  Planning on taking the boat out to have the bottom painted soon and was thinking of having the rudder packing material replace at the marina yard.  Is it a difficult job?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks George Sparr.  510 812-2761. 

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3 Replies · Reply by George Sparr Nov 14, 2022

New rudder for M39

By any chance, has anyone had a new rudder made for their Mariner 39?I just started a conversation with Foss Foam Products in FL. It looks like a significant part of the total cost would be making a mold, a cost that the next person would not have to bear. Perhaps there is another company out there that has a mold already?For context, I want to replace my rudder stock due to crevice corrosion. I planned to have the original rudder split open to liberate the stock and tabs, then epoxied back…

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6 Replies · Reply by MICHAEL CONNER Jan 31

Winter Cover

When we purchased Blue Chip (M36) in Maryland it had a cover that went from the cockpit and covered the cabin top.However in Michigan it can not take our winters and I had a custom cover made.  So it needs a new boat to cover.It needs a little patching but otherwise in good shape.  $100 plus shipping.If you are interested give me a call and I can text you some pics.Rick  616 916 0259

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Feature Documentary from TSCTV

Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story from SailFlix on Vimeo.


Hello everyone. After reading the last comment on the improved down wind performance of the fwd swept spreaders, I have by mistake deleted the "spreader" post... maybe the website master can put it back? I'm sorry!!!

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Swim platform

One of the first projects/additions I wanted to do to Kato was have an easy means of getting on board from the water. To me, there was no other choice then a swim platform. The idea of it folding up out of the way lessened the length of the boat and less chance of mishaps when docking or maneuvering.…

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Update Owners List

Hello Tony,


Do you think you might have some time to update the owners list.


In my case I purchased "Eagol" Mariner 36 , hull 50, in September (14th) of 2020 and Laura Pople is no longer the owner.

Also, unofficially I am Changing the name, (trying to respect Neptune here) which is not yet complete,  but how can we update these Items in future???



Shawn Mendel 


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