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Mark Favro is now a member of Mariner Yachts Owners Group
9 hours ago
Scott Hop is now a member of Mariner Yachts Owners Group
Jul 7
Doug Stearns posted a status
When are yearly dues due?
Jun 25
Jacques Hauray posted a status
Dear Fellow Sailors: I would like to know the hull # of my Mariner 36.
Does anybody know how I can find out. She was built in 1981.
Thank you.
May 17
  • Lou W Illiano Your Hull Identification number is usually imprinted into the hull at the upper right corner of the transom as you are facing the transom. Should read something like MYN36029 X81. MYN = Mariner Yachts New Hampshire, 36 is the series(28, 36, 39 etc…
    Jun 8
  • Doug Stearns Jacques, welcome aboard. More members is always good for the groups fun and knowledge pool. I have no idea where to look for the hull number but would like to know myself. Hopefully someone will post. Where do you base your M36 and how long have you…
    May 18
Jacques Hauray is now a member of Mariner Yachts Owners Group
May 16
Lenza Latendresse is now a member of Mariner Yachts Owners Group
May 5
Rob Desjardins posted a status
Hi Killian
I'm one of the M39 owners, not sure where, other than here, I am to contact you
Mar 21
Killian Stewart posted a status
I see that m39 has 6 owners can you guys contact me please
Mar 19

Strut replacement for 36 Mariner

Hello All,I just bought a 36 Mariner and due to electrolytes I need to replace the shaft, prop, and strut (metal piece holding up shaft)My yard is having a hard time with the strut.  To get it out do you have to cut out the fiberglass?  Is it bolted essentially two parts?  As there is a bolt going through the strut and fiberglass in this case??  This might have been a modification though? To replace do you have to go up through the hull?Any advise you can give would be great!  I'm…

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2 Replies · Reply by Lehman Franklin May 18

Replacement for Wilcox Headmate toilet

Hi, Good to be back on the new site. Looks great! My Mariner is dock at Alameda, CA.  If anyone's is ever in the area and wants a sail on the bay please contact me.  my question for the group is any suggestions to replace the Wilcox Headmate toilet.  It's working ok, but the seal on the pump plunger is leaking.  I can get a rebuild kit, but I'm concerned that the may be worn out and new seals and check valves may not seat well.  The repair kit cost $79, the complete pump assembly cost $159 and…

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2 Replies · Reply by Tory Salvia Mar 24

Feature Documentary from TSCTV

Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story from SailFlix on Vimeo.

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New Story Leadership Sail 2019

This July, two Mariner 36 sloops participated in a volunteer sailing event for college students participating in the New Story Leadership for the Middle East program. Each summer, NSL, a Washington, DC based non-profit program brings college age Israeli and Palestinian students to Washington, DC for 6 weeks of leadership classes and high level internships on Capitol Hill…

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New Members Onboarded

I've just approved about 18 new members. Please welcome them. As I stated in my latest blast, NING's new migration completion ETA is mid May. Until then, they have lifted the 150 member limit so I could onboard the waiting members. All members can continue posting. NING will make sure it migrates all accounts and current data before turning on our new NING 3.0 site.

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