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Cheryl Baker is now a member of Mariner Yachts Owners Group
Sep 17
Are any other 2.0 members had difficulty paying their $10 annual fee when first signing in to their new 3.0 account? If so, please let me know. Also refer to this blog. about sign in and sign up...…
Curtis Villamizar is now a member of Mariner Yachts Owners Group
Sep 14
I hit signup and nothing new comes up
Not sure if i am a member or not...or where to pay $10
  • Brian S Lazurek I signed out..then back did not prompt me to pay..i must be paid then?
    Sep 6
  • Tory Salvia You are a member. Please click on Sign In, use your NING 2.0 email and password. You should then be prompted to make a payment.
    Sep 1
Jane Hubbard is now a member of Mariner Yachts Owners Group
Aug 28
Just delivered Kittywake, 1979 Mariner 36 ketch to Rock Hall Maryland. See for sale notice on Mariners for Sale page.
Just passed under the Chesapeake Bay bridge heading north from Annapolis to Rock Hall MD. Motoring aboard Kittywake, a 1979 Mariner 36 ketch. She is for sale and can be seen at Haven Harbor North marina. See notice under Mariners for Sale.


Moving Traveler to Cabin Top

Quick update: Gab and I sold our house in Fair Haven and moved about 5 miles due North to Atlantic Highlands. Since Lily is floating again on her new mooring in Atlantic Highlands Harbor, I have been sailing and looking for additional projects. The top three candidates are moving the traveler to the cabin top, adding swinging doors to the companion way, and adding a Bimini.I know a few M 28 owners have moved the travelers, and I would appreciate any comments. I am a little bit concerned about…

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Any recommendations on where to install an air conditioning compressor on an Mariner 39?

We are considering adding a 12v marine air conditioner (AC) for the summer months down in the Bahamas and/or Caribbean.  The new marine AC’s are pretty small but with that said, we’re still not sure where we’d install an AC on an M39 (e.g. aft closet)?  The AC would primarily cool the aft cabin at night and the main cabin during the day.  To avoid installing any additional seacocks, we’re considering putting a Y-valve on the engine water intake since we are ok with not running the AC while…

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Feature Documentary from TSCTV

Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story from SailFlix on Vimeo.

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If you are a past member, and signing in for the first time to the new NING 3.0 site, click on Sign In. You'll see the screen below. Sign in with your 2.0 email and password. If you don't remember it, click on the Forgot your password? link. Once you sign in you'll be prompted to make a $10 payment for the year. You'll be billed on your sign up anniversary unless you cancel your account. If you are selling your vessel, please don't cancel, just email me and…

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New Story Leadership Sail 2019

This July, two Mariner 36 sloops participated in a volunteer sailing event for college students participating in the New Story Leadership for the Middle East program. Each summer, NSL, a Washington, DC based non-profit program brings college age Israeli and Palestinian students to Washington, DC for 6 weeks of leadership classes and high level internships on Capitol Hill…

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New Members Onboarded

I've just approved about 18 new members. Please welcome them. As I stated in my latest blast, NING's new migration completion ETA is mid May. Until then, they have lifted the 150 member limit so I could onboard the waiting members. All members can continue posting. NING will make sure it migrates all accounts and current data before turning on our new NING 3.0 site.

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