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George Sparr commented on George Sparr's article 1980 Mariner 36 for sale. $20,000
"I donated my boat to the Sea Scouts. I hope they will enjoy sailing it as much as I did for the last 15 years!"
Apr 5
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Apr 1
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Mar 5
Andy Oliver posted a status
Painting Sheer stripe and looking for the Mariner 28 logo/Stencil. Anyone know the font? Or have a picture of the logo?
Feb 22
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Feb 7
George Sparr published an article
Well maintained boat in Alameda, CA.  $48,000 boat yard retrofit in 2010.  New GPS, Wind Instrument, VHF and AIS Transponder installed.  Bottom painted, two coats 2023.  In the water, ready to sail.  Call for details at 510 812-2761 or email at…
Jan 31
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Jan 24
Jason Jackson posted a status
Running back stays on a sloop. When do I use them?
What’s under the anchor locker? There’s a drain, but it appears to be no access to whatever it is.
Jan 12
  • Erik R good question? mine is completely sealed off on my M36. my anchor locker drains at the base of the locker on both sides overboard. 
    Feb 2

Running Rigging Size?

Does anyone have the specs for the running rigging sizing and length? I realize it can vary a bit depending on modifications/preference, but curious if anyone has that info handy.And actually, does anyone have the stock standing rigging sizes? It would be great to get all this in a document for reference since there isn't much information out there about these great boats.Thanks!

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Repair to Fwd V floor on a Mariner 39

The previous owner had the yard fix water damage as part of the purchase agreement, part of the repair was forward V floor but the yard only glued the floor supports which eventually fell over/out of place and left the floor soft just days before our insurance survey . Gayle removed the trim, took the flooring off, removed the pieces of wood glued (5200) to the floor, cleaned up, and then West Epoxied proper supports on the edges for the floor (the floor is thick, not need for obstructions on…

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2 Replies · Reply by Julia Ashmun Feb 4

What color stain did they use?

Does anyone know or been able to figure out what color stain they originally used on the interior teak on the M36?  Varathane triditional pecan is the closest i've been able to get so far, but i dont think its a perfect match.  The stain that was originally used seems to have a very slight bit more redish orange than the Varathane pecan.  

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1 Reply · Reply by Erik R Dec 26, 2023

M36 owners, shaft size?

Specifically the M36.  What shaft diameter is in your boat?  Mine is 1" which is what i believe to be original BUT my fiberglass shaft log is 2.5" diameter.  I want to replace my old dripless shaft seal with a traditional stuffing box but am having a hard time finding one for a 1" shaft that will accomodate a 2.5" O.D. shaft log. Does anyone have a traditional stuffing box?  If so what brand/make?  Is there a smaller diameter bronze shaft log under the dripless perhaps?  Not sure what they did…

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2 Replies · Reply by Erik R Feb 2

Mariner 28 Cabin Sole

Anyone re-finished their cabin sole? What was the technique? I plan to use a stripper than a poly.  Some are suggesting i put down a vinyl over it. Like a sea foam or something similar. I'd rathere refinish. Many Thanks!

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1 Reply · Reply by Tory Salvia Jun 8, 2023

Feature Documentary from TSCTV

Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story from SailFlix on Vimeo.

Engine Guard - M39

Engine Guard - M39

One improvement that I am really happy with is the addition of an engine guard. When working on anything on the far side of the engine, this allows laying on top of the engine without risk of damaging the small fuel pipes. It is made of 1/8" steel. It attaches with 3 screws for easy removal to work on the engine, but remains in place for normal operations. …


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Complete Engine Rewiring - M39

Complete Engine Rewiring - M39

Over the last winter, I completely rewired my engine. This was prompted by finding some scorched wires at the control panel, and later learning that the original design had a couple significant and even dangerous design flaws. This is just a summary, but if anyone wants details, feel free to ask.

Key points:…

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Hello everyone. After reading the last comment on the improved down wind performance of the fwd swept spreaders, I have by mistake deleted the "spreader" post... maybe the website master can put it back? I'm sorry!!!

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