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Jacques Hauray posted a status
May 17
Dear Fellow Sailors: I would like to know the hull # of my Mariner 36.
Does anybody know how I can find out. She was built in 1981.
Thank you.

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  • Your Hull Identification number is usually imprinted into the hull at the upper right corner of the transom as you are facing the transom. Should read something like MYN36029 X81. MYN = Mariner Yachts New Hampshire, 36 is the series(28, 36, 39 etc) 029 is the hull number, X81 is the month /year of "construction", but may be the date started rather than complated. I believe A starts in August
  • Jacques, welcome aboard. More members is always good for the groups fun and knowledge pool. I have no idea where to look for the hull number but would like to know myself. Hopefully someone will post. Where do you base your M36 and how long have you had her? We just bought ours a couple months ago supposed to launch around early June. I have little knowledge of our M36 other than she looks great. Welcome again, Doug
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