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Shawn Mendel posted a status
Sep 9
This Mariner 36 is from the east coast, current name is Eagol, hailing from [Pittsburgh] Pennsylvania. I am in the middle of the survey and purchase efforts which should conclude by September 14, 2020.
I will update everything as I make progress. Not overwhelmed yet...this particular boat is about as stock as one could get. It never had refrigeration, or a stove / oven using Propane or CNG , the previous owner apparently relied on a LORAN device and his skill with a sextant.

The boat still has unused winch pads and does not have any line management.....

I want to change the vinyl head liner, and would love to have opinions about how to "refinish" the interior...[oil or varnish]....the current condition of the interior is some light water drip streak stains but no wood it was frozen in time and "dried out" I'm about to love it back to health...

I'm going to cruise it everywhere I can attempt to will entertain opinions on the weight of cruising sail fabric...6 oz or the 8.4 oz I'm considering...

I will change all the standing rigging because of all looks original....any help here with the numbers and hopefully I can do most of it myself with a pro to double check my work and insure correct tuning???

The waste tank is under the 'V' birth, is aluminum and has holes in it so I will be changing that to plastic...any else have there's in the forward compartment???

The current location of the engine battery is under the cockpit just in front of the binnacle pod , there is only one house battery currently in the port side , middle cockpit locker next to the ICE BOX feed locker???

There is a windlass with a place for the battery in the V birth area...don't like having this all spread out....any one change or relocate their batteries??? Where?

Well, help a fella out will ya, so I can get it back in shape.....

I will do some before and after pic's....and OH YEAH, I need to refurbish the Hatches and Ports because the lenses are, well solid but clouded up bad...

Thank in advance for your suggestions.

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  • good luck! awesome boats. the longer i own mine the more i love my M36.
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